There are two types of diseases: (1) Infectious and (2) Degenerative. Both of these can be either (1) Acute or (2) Chronic. So that makes four distinct diseases: Acute Infectious; Chronic Infectious; Acute Degenerative; and Chronic Degenerative.

There is nothing new under the sun. Therefore, we discover new disease but they do not emerge. Granted new strains may be made in some laboratory somewhere with genetic modification, but I do not think they are really “new”. Mankind can only work with what is already here on Earth. We aren’t getting any shipments from Mars. What has happened is that there is a new kind of “food” out there – industrial phood (fake,phony, poisoned food like products) and this phood is not sitting well in our digestive tracts. In fact, it’s causing Chronic Degenerative Disease on a massive scale.

Chronic degenerative disease ARISES from a straightforward cause => Industrialization and its chemicals. On the one hand profiteers (those making the phood and their allies in politics) are trying to make it NOT your fault by blaming genetics and on the other hand making it your fault by blaming lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices matter, but not smoking or drinking alcohol but still eating phood will not save you from Chronic Degenerative Diseases. Instead of blaming “genetics” your mother’s lifestyle and your grandmother’s lifestyle has more to do with your general health because the working of first cell – THE OVA – is created in the mother while she is still inside her mother’s womb. Nutrition controls gene expression. Genes makes protein. Protein runs all chemical reactions inside the body. Without a functional healthy first cell, the rests of the cells will malfunction.

Of course you could do little about your mother’s or your grandmother’s health because you were not here yet. This is why it’s so important what YOU think of the next generation and how you take care of your body now, because lately people have not been doing so. It takes four generations to fix malnutrition (that’s the good news) and it takes four generations to wreck it (that’s the bad news).

We all get acute degenerative disease from time to time but our ability to heal takes care of that unless the person is not healthy. Healthy is the goal for it will solve 95% of all problems. More than 65% of the world’s population is now unhealthy and this can be measured by Metabolic Syndrome. (I will post about Metabolic Syndrome)