Nutrients and the Cell


Nutrition is the study of nutrients. Food is defined as that edible stuff that have enough nutrients and in the right balance to sustain life. Phood is edible stuff that DOES NOT have enough nutrients to sustain life.  When you consume the right amount of nutrients you can convert the chemical energy found in food into ATP. ATP fuels your cell’s functions. All chemical reactions take place in the cell. Most metabolic chain reactions need ATP somewhere along the line to proceed.



Health problems related to nutrition originate within the cell. The functions of the cell are maintained by the nutrients it receives. Problems arise when a cell’s need for nutrients differs from the amounts that are available. Cells are the building blocks of tissue, tissues are the building blocks of organs, and organs are the building blocks of systems. Your body has 12 different systems that work together to make your body work.

Cell health / proper functioning are maintained by a nutritional and environmental utopia. Disruptions in the availability of nutrients or the presence of harmful substances in the cell’s environment, initiate diseases and disorders that eventually affect tissues, organs and systems.



Each nutrient is needed in specific amount for the current state of the body for optimum functioning. The exact amounts are hard to know, but it starts with intake, relies on co-factors, bioavailability, toxic load and the condition of the gut for absorption. Absorption means that it traversed the gut and went into the blood stream. There are two main mechanisms for absorption, through the gut wall into the bloodstream directly and straight into the lymph system. Most lipids and lipid droplets that contain other substances go into the lymph system.


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