For Your Health

The most important thing you can know about health is its definition. Here goes: Health is the ability to heal. You see the word “heal” is inside the word health. HEALth.

There is no such thing as outside Healthcare. You are the only one that can take care of your health, because no one else can. Back in the 90’s “they” change Medical Care to Health Care. Why? Because everything you do and don’t do is included in Health Care, meaning that “they” can pry in to your personal life at whim.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Medical System. The Medical system is basically surgery and drugs. AND when you need them – they are life saving and wonderful. Break a leg, get medical care. However, going to a medical provider for health is like trying to get your car mechanic to fix your computer. Ain’t going to happen.

Health or the ability to heal is based on your biochemistry. Either it’s operating properly or there is some malfunction. The goal is to get to and maintain proper biochemistry. This is done by figuring out how YOUR body works and if you have any built in problems. Built in problems can be dealt with and often mitigated by getting as healthy as you can. Nobody is perfect.

As I continue blogging you will shown how to experiment with your body, lifestyle, eating, physical activity, etc. to get as healthy as you can be. Remember, only you can take care of your health. I will be attempting to help you do just that.


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