World vs. Earth


how it really is

Everything around you is your environment. There are only two things in the universe – YOU and your ENVIRONMENT. Persons, places and things you cannot access are NOT in your environment and do not directly affect you. Your focus should be on your immediate environment because that is where your power lays. You have legs and can change your environment at will. This is your superpower.


How much time do you spend in the World of: politics / money / fashion / media / literature / art / drama / stores / status / economics / cities / etc? This is the world of the Commercial Cult. Most people are members. They are trained to be members by parent, TV, movies, etc. If you think you have to buy everything from some other person then you are a member.


How much time do you spend with the Earth: nature / animals / plants / soil / air / water / fire / rocks / community – ecology / walking / rivers / oceans / etc? This is nature where ALL THINGS come from. There are no barges coming from Mars with goods. Most people think that they have to buy everything from some other person but this is not true. LOTS of things can be gotten from nature, like tomatoes. Not being aware of this makes people take nature for granted. Plus, without a notion of what nature ACTUALLY does, people let it be destroyed by people trying to make a profit off it.

Natural Law / Man-made Law

There are two sets of laws operating at the same time. One is natural law and the other is man-made law.


Natural law is physics, chemistry, metabolism, gravity, behavior, etc. These laws cannot be broken, but you can break yourself on these laws. Man-made law is customs, legislation, rules, edicts, coercion, etc. These laws can be broken, side-stepped, or finessed. They have no consequences unless some person make a consequence for catching someone breaking one of these “laws.” Authority figures can break you on these laws, but without some enforcer present they are meaningless. This means if nobody “makes” you obey them, you not only don’t have to, there is no reason to follow them. However, enforcers can be quite nasty and getting caught is no fun.


Most humans get these two sets of laws mixed up. They follow breakable laws and do not follow unbreakable laws. This means that most people are just hurting themselves. One of the main reasons for this is that authority figures tell you that their laws are “unbreakable” and that eventually you will “pay the price.” This is just not true. You will only pay the price only if you get caught. But you will always pay the price for breaking natural law regardless whether you or anybody else knows about it. There is no way around it. Eat poorly and your body will suffer. Jump off a sky scraper and you will hit hard on the ground. You can however speed down the freeway and as long as there are no cops and you don’t hit anything, you get away with it.

Inside / Outside

inside outside

What is more important to you: your insides and how they work or is your outside appearance more important? Think about this. How much time to do you spend on each of these areas? The time you spend is the indicator of which one is more important. It is true that what’s inside affects your appearance, but it’s NOT true that your outward appearance affects how your body functions inside.

body systems

You have 12 systems in your body. The picture above shows 11 systems but I am calling the middle of the picture “the Energy System” – sort of like the Eastern concept of Chi or pressure points. This 12th system is a electro-magnectic force field with flows of energy through our bodies. Eating well ensures that all of these systems function properly. BTW – all these systems work harmoniously with each other in a healthy body.


A LOT of humans care WAY more about what they look like on the outside than how their insides work. Are you one of these? Have you been on a diet to lose weight? While excess weight CAN hurt your internal function, most functional weight gain does not hurt you. Functional weight gain is normal fat deposition in your fat cells or more muscle mass. Weight gain that hurts you is usually caused by inflammation or edema and is water weight, not fat. Besides, it’s more important what your body can DO then what it looks like. What do you want to be able to DO?

Do you want to be healthy, have all of your body function properly, and be able to do what you want physically? Or are you willing to do almost anything for that perfect outside “look”?

Need / Avoid

What links the planet to your body?

stick earth

You exist on this planet.  Since you are here, you belong here. Where here is though is up to you. What you do here is also up to you. These two things are your superpowers. You may have more powers, but at least you have these two. The particular place you are in is called your environment. It’s everything around you including other people. However, in order to survive you must interact with your environment.


You are made out of earth matter/energy.

You need nutrients to live. Food, as in your diet, should have nutrients in the right portions to allow your body to function properly. But even if you get these “nutrients” you also must NOT get too many poisons (toxins are a subset of poisons). Unfortunately, the planet is full of poison, natural and man-made.

Functional / Degenerative

Not getting enough nutrients OR if you get too much poison your body starts to dysfunction. Dysfunction includes metabolism that doesn’t work correctly or some alternative pathways are turned on just to keep you alive. Alternative pathways are generally not good, but they allow you to heal to get back to normal function. If you don’t heal you don’t regain function. This is called sick or chronic degenerative disease.


You are healthy if you can heal. Do you see the word HEAL as part of the word HEALTHY? You are degenerating if you cannot heal. You are sick when in a chronic degenerative state or disease. You can be well and heal or sick and cannot heal. Healthy people heal. Unhealthy people do not heal and stay ill.

Nutrition / Marketing

The true study of nutrition is nutrients – not “food”. One can see that the root word for both nutrition and nutrients is the same. In this class the term food is used to denote consumables that have enough nutrients to nourish the body. If a consumable doesn’t have enough nutrients to nourish the body the consumable is called “crap.” (because that is all it produces) Crap can have nutrients in it, but the total package doesn’t provide enough or the right balance of nutrients to nourish the body.


What most of us are used to is factory food (phood). There is a BIG difference between real food and phood. Phood is processed food product. Food comes from nature and stays in it’s natural state. Food is plant or animal or some product of a plant or animal. If it doesn’t look like it’s from a farm or the wild then it’s probably phood. Phood is where the original food is used as a resource for the end product, usually with a LOT of added chemicals in it. The food is broken down and separated then it is recombined into a food product often with stabilizers, preservatives, flavor, color, etc. added to make it look like some real food. Most people are fooled.

Energy Metabolism

There are many chemical pathways in your body, many of which overlap. We can trace each pathway from nutrients to it’s final by-products, but that doesn’t mean the by-products of this pathway are not used elsewhere. They are. The most important pathway in your body is the Energy Pathway. The Energy Pathways is how your body makes cellular energy, called ATP. ATP is the energy used by each and every cell in your body to drive all other pathways and the reactions in them. Without ATP your body cannot do its work of keeping you you. There are three distinct sections of Energy Metabolism and they are: Glycolysis / Krebs Cycle / Electron Transport Chain. Do NOT get mixed up with what your sports teachers have told you. They are talking about something else.


Glycolysis happens in the cytosol of the cell. Krebs and ETC happen in the mitochondria. Glycolysis is the splitting of the 6 carbon glucose into two 3 carbon pyruvates and this can happen under aerobic and anaerobic conditions (with and without oxygen). The two pathways in the mitochondria, Krebs and ETC, only happen under aerobic conditions (with oxygen). When there is no oxygen for the mitochondria the pyruvates cannot get into the mitochondria and then pyruvate is turned into lactate or lactic acid. Lactic acid is a storage molecule. Lactic acid gives you the “burn” after too much exercise and it must be recycled through the blood stream to the liver where it’s converted back into pyruvate. Then the pyruvate must travel back to the cell to finish it’s conversion into ATP –  when there is oxygen. Anaerobic activity should be short lived to give the body time to make more ATP. There is no reason to ever get the exercise “burn.” I realize you have been told otherwise, but biochemically it’s a lose/lose situation. It’s best to keep within your oxygen carrying capacity during all of work/exercise. Burst of anaerobic activity is fine, but in between them you must oxygenate your body.

When oxygen is present the pyruvates go into the Krebs Cycle and the degradation of glucose gives off many high energy molecules. Some of these molecules are made from B vitamins, so again, if the vitamins are not there the process stops. These high energy molecules go into the electron transport chain where ATP is made. The final receptor for the extra electrons produced are taken up by oxygen, hence the need for oxygen to complete the cycle.

Aware / Ignorant

There are two states of being: You can be aware of yourself or You can be ignorant of yourself. The movie, Run-a-away Bride, does a wonderful job of showing the second. The movie, Good Will Hunting, shows the first. Your only job in life is to take care of yourself – so nobody else has to. That said it would be a good idea to know yourself well so you could do a good job of it. Many do not. They operate off of what others have told them about themselves rather than risk the experimentation it takes to know one’s self.


There are tell-tale signs of an aware individual and an ignorant individual. An aware one has learned how to be rational or reasonable. Being reasonable means you can answer a why question with a reason. This makes you reasonable. Of course I don’t have to like your reason, but many do not have a reason for doing the things they do. It’s more like monkey see, monkey do. When you don’t have a reason you are unreasonable or dramatic. Dramatic behavior is an attempt at showing the emotions behind the behavior. The thing is though that emotions are not reasonable. Emotions are just like your other senses. They exist to tell you what is happening. They need to be acted on, not expressed. Being dramatic is great if you’re an actor, but in real life emotions should be kept to one’s self. Emotions, like senses, are there to show you how you’re reacting to an environment. Emotions are not for sharing. We all know that actions speaks louder than words. Saying something without action is misleading.

Another sign between the two is an aware individual makes decisions. Decision are made, right, wrong or indifferent with the knowledge that another decision can be made at any time. Aware men and women (we’ll get to children and others later) size up the situation and then take action. Ignorant men and women procrastinate. They don’t know what to do or what not to do. So, they stall. If you procrastinate the most important thing you can do is start experimenting to actually learn what kind of man or woman you are. If you like some behavior, keep it, but if you don’t like some behavior then you need to seek out a learning experience so you can find a behavior that works better for you.

Aware men and women are a benefit to themselves and society. They have reasons for what they do. They use their senses and emotions to access environments so they know what to do and what not to do. They observe others and judge them by their behaviors so they know how to interact and when to not interact with others. The aware take good care of themselves and have interdependent relationships.

Ignorant men and women seek out a benefit from others because they cannot get for themselves. They do what they do “just because.” Their emotions are used to sway others into doing for them what they won’t do for themselves. They stereotype others and listen to gossip because they cannot observe others and make decisions. In other words, the ignorant are incapable of taking care of their own bodies. The ignorant have dependent relationships. These people pull everyone around them down.


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